Het Nieuwe Instituut’s public programme will be manifest in the Museum for Architecture, Design and Digital Culture. Exhibitions and education programmes have been among Het Nieuwe Instituut’s regular activities since its inception, but bringing them together within a single, unified museum programme will increase the institute’s recognition. The Museum for Architecture, Design and Digital Culture examines the designed world and how it is constantly being changed by new technologies, new ideas and shifting social priorities. Innovation – the fulcrum of all Het Nieuwe Instituut’s activities – will be expressed in both speculative explorations of the future and critical reflections on innovative movements past and present.

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Practical information on Het Nieuwe Instituut, Sonneveld House, the study centre, the bookshop and cafe.


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Gijs Bakker and K. Schippers: Basics

In Sonneveld House, Gijs Bakker and K. Schippers present combinations of jewellery and poetry which they have selected especially for the occasion from their extensive oeuvres. The result is a setting in which visitors can make new connections and entertain alternative interpretations.

Abstract Electric Chemistry
Routing Het Nieuwe Instituut

Design agency 75B has created a new routing to guide Het Nieuwe Instituut's guests and employees through the foyer during the corona crisis. 75B (Rens Muis and Pieter Vos) is a graphic design agency known for its colourful, bold and playful designs.

Color Sprinklers

Multidisciplinary artist Rutger de Vries spray-painted the restrooms in Het Nieuwe Instituut's foyer. He used the sprinkler system and the technique of process painting to give some extra colour to this usually unspectacular part of a public building.